Welcome to Nesargi Law Group

Our approach is to bring to you an entire spectrum of end-to-end solutions right from teaching, training, raising awareness all the way to represent you in IP matters be it prosecution or litigation. We as a team of experienced professionals have come together with the vision to represent new seed companies, start-ups, small and medium companies as well as individuals.†

Our aim is to educate and empower people interested in IP as well as uplift and showcase creativity and inventions present in all forms. It could be copyright in novels, fictional or graphic cartoons, music lyrics, tunes, direction and production, paintings, sculptures, movies, or it could be patent related protection in software inventions, pharmaceutical inventions, electronics and electrical etc. It could also be traditional knowledge (knowledge that has come down from generations together such as the herbs to fight general ailments, knowledge about the various herbs present in local environment), plant varieties, designs etc. We strive in identifying the intellectual property present around us to preserve and showcase it after providing suitable protection.

Our key differentiator is the unique and creative solutions that we give to our clients apart from the promptness in delivering the solutions with an eye to precision.

Apart from being attorneys, we are artists and inventors too. We pursue our hobbies to re-vitalize ourselves. We understand the emotions, passion, attachment and perseverance that go behind any intellectual work and hence walk the extra mile to provide strong support to our clients.

We provide the platform for creators, scientists, inventors and people involved in intellectual products to take a creative leap because we provide them the strong legal backbone of support. Although we donít recommend but when left with no option, we advise and represent clients in litigations. We keep in mind what our clients look for as an outcome and accordingly customize the services of our clients to best suit their needs.